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Are You Ready To Become The Person Who God Has Called You To Be


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Our Mission Is This:

To see lives transformed, as we walk together in faith, breaking free from the chains of the past, and stepping into the abundant life God has designed for each of us. Join us on this transformative journey as we become who God has called us to be, knowing that in doing so, we become the person someone else needs. Together, let's uncover the beauty of God's plan and impact the world with His love and grace. "Reach One Reach many!"

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Why I Started This Podcast

Hello My Name Is Ashley. I am committed to inspiring people to live out their God given dreams. My heart goes out strongly to those who have been hurt or set back by people who misuse the word of God because of traditions of man. We all have apart in God's great plan to win souls for the kingdom of God. Let's spend more time encouraging and lifting people back up. All have sin and come short of the glory. So we have the grace and forgiveness of God to get people back those who have fallen from grace. "Reach One Reach Many" Be Blessed!

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